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Google Tools: Dominating Online Advertising

Google has done it again! At the forefront of social media and marketing, Google launched its Google for Advertisers site.  This addition to the search engine giant is all about providing information for advertisers. The site is broken down into basically 4 main platforms.

1. The ability to read up on various media platforms such as search, TV, content network, or mobile. This teaches advertisers how to reach their target in the most relevant and effective way through different devices.

2. The Marketing Cycle shows advertisers how to combine strategy, creative, media and optimization to deliver a strong campaign

3. Marketing Objective platform brings together all the different Google tools to solve your marketing goal

4. The Personal Toolkit allows you to add all the interesting Google tools you stumble upon and add them to a “toolkit” that you can share with others and use as you build your campaign.

I spent a lot of time checking out the Creative tools available through the site. One of the tools available is called the Double Click Studio which gives you all the Flash based tools you need to build appealing media ads and manage campaign workflow. Double click is packed with a wide range of formating, features, and cutting edge video capability, saving you time while creating big ideas. This week’s featured creative is by Sony Pictures.

I also spent some time browsing around the Insights section since I had never heard of this before it especially grabbed my interest. Insights is all about learning how to use web search trends to receive feedback from customers and keep track of competition.¬† Insights for Search is one tool I played around with for a bit. With all the recent news surrounding Lebron James, I decided to put Insights for Search to the test with LeBron James as my keyword. I was shocked to find that on a regional interest level the Phillippines held the top spot, and US¬†follwed in third. His name was most searches obviously in the sports and entertainment categoy. The most searched term in this category, shown on a graph and at their highest peaks to date, were “Lebron James NBA” and over the past few weeks the worldwide top rising searches were “LeBron James picks Miami” followed by simply “LeBron James.”

I also read up on some of the Media tools available that help create web content in order to reach the right people at exaclty the right time. Included in the media tools are Google Product Search which helps drive internet traffic to your site, gadgets capabilities to create interactive based social content and the ability to create customized google maps.

Finally, I took a quick look at Optimization, a series of tools to help the advertiser focus on the user and generate geater profits. From Google Analytics, to YouTube Insight, the Optimization panal offers all the tools needed to create the most effective campaign strategy.

Overall, Google for Advertisers is an excellent marketing resource equip with a wide variety of tools for marketers to create, execute, and maintain the best possible internet campaign possible. For the marketer seeking to take a deeper look into how internet users operate and search through google, this site proves to be invaluable and rich with opportunities and benefits

. Google for Advertisers

Image by Jessica Wernette’s Snapshot

Spartans Will…Sharing the Stories of True Spartans

MSU Spartans…who are we? We are a Final Four basketball team,¬† a world renound study abroad progam, we are East Lansing, we are the block S, the GO¬†GREEN, GO¬†WHITE, an original Agricultural College, a party school, a place of higher education and success. There is not just one answer to who we, MSU Spartans, are and this presented a problem for MSU’s branding.¬† University officials, upon realizing that MSU didn’t have a consistant image saw this lack of a unifying identity as a threat to students. This has led to a year long in planning campaign, with a budget of $478,000 to create a national campaign to create a positive image for MSU with a consistant branding approach focusing on the stories of the 500,000 strong Spartans around the world and their contributions to society. The Spartans Will campaign will bring together all students, alumni, and faculty to portray the Spartan community as a collection of people who go above and beyond to benefit the community and share their successes with the world each and every day.¬† The goal of the New York Times worthy campaign, under the direction of 160 Over 90, will take the University’s Spartan pride and use it as an entry point to what the school is accomplishing¬† on and off campus. It shows the Spartans as a brand that creates solutions to the world’s problems through utilizing the vast capabilities, knowledge, and opportunities one can benefit from by being a Spartan.

The campaign incorporates print, which is currently seen in Chicago O’Hare International Airport, Time Magazine, and Newsweek, TV spots featuring famous Spartans such as James Cameron, online banner and video ads, and a microsite called the Spartan Sagas (see 160 Over 90 Ads Here).¬† Spartan Sagas encourages MSU alumni to nominate themselves or others to share their stories of success that is rooted in their MSU education.¬† The videos, some of which are even produced by Michigan State, will launch this month.

As the 8th largest higher education campus in the US, it is important for the public to see how MSU isn’t just about the outstanding athletics or partying which are mainly the only aspects that make the news. This campaign is a great way to create a MSU brand showing that Spartans make significant contributions to society and have a remarkable impact on problems all around the world.

I think this campaign is indeed a great way to unify the Spartan community. From experience, when I tell people I graduated from MSU the first thing they associate the university with is the basketball or football teams, or the cedar fest incident a few years ago. I think it is important for the public to look beyond the surface and see deeper into what MSU is all about, which is rooted in the education we receive from this outstanding university and how we use our MSU education beyond our 4 years in East Lansing and use that to benefit the world around us. This campaign does just that.

We are Spartans and Spartans Will.

I tweeted the Spartans Will Campaign site to MSU’s Twitter page and they RT-ed my tweet for everyone to see so I thought that was pretty cool!!! The power of Twitter!

Spartans Wil Poster Image by NY Times

Starbucks…Tweeted Every 23 Seconds!

The other day I heard the term social monitoring and while being a social media junkie I was shocked that I didn’t know much about this tool.¬† Time to do a bit of research (thank God for Google). After reading an article about Twitter Places, which I wrote in a previous post this month, I decided I wanted to pick a popular brand to monitor and aid in my learning more about this so called “social monitoring” concept by following the brand via Twitter Places– location check in’s and tweets about the brand. Although Starbucks is obviously a very talked about brand and covered by nearly every social media tool available today, I was curious to see a more in depth analysis covering how much it was actually tweeted about beyond my assumptions.¬† Starbucks is a brand that jumped on the social media train early on and continues to be one of the first brands to tap into new and innovative social media vehicles. From facebook fan pages to blogs, and even Foursquare capabilities, Starbucks is dominating the social media world. I utilized HootSuite, Social Mention, Google Alerts, and Monitter to track my results. Hootsuite and Monitter showed that alot of people were simply Tweeting that they were on their way to Starbucks to hang out with friends, had been to starbucks already, or were itching to get their hands on an Iced Coffee on this hot summer day.

HootSuite Starbucks Image by Jessica Wernette via Hootsuite Snapshot

As I watched Monitter, it was constantly updating itself with recent tweets or mentions of Starbucks. I didn’t realize just how much people were constantly Tweeting about the brand. No wonder Starbucks is one of today’s largest and most successful brands worldwide. I set up Google Alerts for a 5 day span to send me mentions of Starbucks and the results showed a overwhelming amount of mentions on blogs and in the news daily. Even though I am specifically monitoring Tweets about the brand, it was still impressive to see how much Starbucks makes the news and people’s personal and business related blogs. Social Mention was probably the monitoring site that provided the most information that I could break down specifically to Tweets about the brand. This site allowed me to look at how many people were using Twitter Places to tweet about the Starbucks branch they were at. The post rate for mentions of Starbucks was about 23 seconds meaning that every 23 seconds, someone was mentioning the Starbucks brand somehow using social media. WOW! I filtered the site to show me just the last hour’s results and just on the first page there were 5 Twitter Places tweets about a specific Starbucks location and 7 retweets of those check-ins. I also looked closly at the @username tags people were tweeting about and I found that the @Starbucks tag was hands down the most popular, linking Tweeters back to the Starbucks Official Twitter Page. This is drawing in enormous and consistant traffic to the brand’s twitter page, which can then link users to the other media vehicles Starbucks utilizes.

Conclusion: It was really cool to see the behind the scenes of social media all in one place. I was sitting here watching people tweet about Starbucks as it happened. I knew the brand would definitely have a lot of mentions, but I never thought it was occur at a rate of less than 30 seconds between Tweets.

What’s New In New Media: Twitter Places

Twitter Places is a new moblie application that provides huge opportunities for geo-location space and the location-sharing movement.  With this application, Tweeters are presented with the ability to attach a location to each and every tweet. The growing popularity of Twitter Places has the potential to turn location sharing into a mainstream mobile behavior and provide great opportunities for marketers to tap into location based advertising.  Location sharing allows users to broadcast where they are which is a prime breakout moment for Twitter and communication capabilities. Places adds value to the context of the tweets, meaning that the context can be localized through tweeting the location and in turn publicize the location creating a marketing opportunity and a surge of interest.  With the Places application, Twitter has a greater opportunity to serve up targeted ads in the form of Promoted Tweets. With the potential for ads to appear atop the Places tweet stream, users are engaged with specific messages about a location. This is beneficial for brands such as Starbucks, who jumped on the Twitter Places movement early on.  Starbucks can track Places tweets and provide tweeters with location specific promotion or messages.

I think mobile advertising is one of the new media vehicles that marketers should seriosuly consider tapping into. As seen through the success of the Twitter Places application, location tracking via mobile marketing has huge potential for reaching a location specific audience.

Tiwtter Places

Slideshare What…?

Of course it’s no secret that Facebook and Twitter are today’s most popular social media tools available, but recently I have been trying to tap into other social¬†media outlets. This past year I was doing some research on Starbucks branding for my media planning class when I came across a slideshow.¬†¬†I figured why not check it out.¬† The slideshow took me to the popular powerpoint¬†presentation/slideshow site, Slideshare.¬†¬†After poking around the site for a bit I quickly discovered that Slideshare is a social media site that allows users to upload content, bookmark, tag and comment on slideshows. To create added value for the Slideshare community, users can also join groups, download slideshows and link to slideshows on their blog or website.¬† I think the option to link to the slideshows via blog, facebook or twitter makes this social media tool all the more powerful.¬† With the ability to do so it not only provides people with content for their blogs/websites, but is a marketing opportunity for the person who uploaded the slideshow. If you post a slideshow and it gets picked up by some employee at a company or even a popular¬†bloggers¬†and is linked back to you, that’s traffic to your slideshow and in turn marketing your name.¬† There is also a place to post slidshare presentations on Linkedin…what better way to showcase your ideas and skills to the professional world. Being an active memeber of the Slideshare community by commenting, favoriting and joining groups boots your slideshows visabiltiy and backlinks.¬† With that being said, slideshare is a social media tool that many people probably haven’t thought about tapping into. The benefits and visability are widespread and go beyond just the Slideshare site itself.¬† I don’t have an account yet, but my summer goal is to take the many presentations I had to make through various advertising classes at MSU¬†and internships and get them onto Slideshare for the World to see!

One of my favorite slideshare presentations is Good vs. Great Design…it’s amazing

Social Media Policies Creating “One Voice”

Ever since the introduction of social media just a few years ago, the market has expanded into today’s “it” way to communicate and advertise brands. With a presence in nearly every industry, amongst today’s most popular, influential and growing brands social media has literally taken hold of the digital world, from blogging to youtube. With social media moving from a new form of communication to the mainstream, companies need a way to regulate what is being said and written about their brand in order to keep their image in-tact. When a company uses social media vehicles, they now need to keep track of facebook comments, tweets, youtube videos, bloggs, photos and so much more. This is where a good social media policy needs to be implemented. From the reading I did on social media policies, I learned that the idea behind social media policies is to create a uniform way for the brand to strenghten their brand and their connections with consumer and key influencers…baiscally implementing the “one voice among all” concept.¬† Here’s how I look at it…markets are conversations of a brand and as the markets grow, more people are talking and more information is being passed along through more and more communication outlets (social media). Companies, upon realizing this (which hopefully they do) need to now join in the conversation and communicate directly with their markets…if they don’t their brand will eventually be smoothered by brands who are taking part in the social media trends. Chris Brogan, provided some great insight about how a marketer needs to build relationships in order to be successful in social¬† media.¬†

And lastly, in order for the brand to communicate effectively to their market, they need a policy that defines how to do so.

I think Kodak is a really good example of a company with an effective and well defined social media policy.

Their policy is based around protecting the brand, two way communication between the brand and the customer, and understanding what is written and why.¬† Their policy stresses the concept of “one voice” in order to better cater to consumers needs and the overall value of their brand name. I read through the entire policy and I think they offer alot of opportunity to write, tweet, blog about whatever you want as long as you follow their guidelines.¬† I think too strict of guidelines will turn people away from blogging, tweeting, facebooking etc about the brand. Their policy even provides social media tips that I even took away as great advice. I think their advice on “keeping your cool” is an excellent example of how to appropriately address a negative comment about your brand…the bottom line is that you don’t want to call out a customer so sometimes it’s best to just ignore the comment and not acknowledge it with a response.

Companies that want to grow and keep up with today’s latest advertising trends, need to get on board the social media train and implement a policy to guide the company on how to do so…if they fail to do so they will be left behind in the dust and miss out on thousands of opportunites and the potential to reach thousands of customers.

Ads Around the World

VDO Ad 1

VDO Ad 2

VDO Ad 3

DDB in Milan, Italy created this new campaign for the new VDO Rear View Cameras for campers, trucks, and vans. I think this approach is extremely creative and being a huge fan oh photoshop and digital editing I think this ad was executed perfectly! LOVE IT

Creative Director: Francesco Taddeucci, Luca Albanese
Art Director: Diego Mendozza
Copywriter: Maria Chiara Alegi
Photographer: Winkler+Noah

Ready. Set. GO

Well here it is…my blog! I never ever thought I would actually have a blog for 2 reasons. #1 my friends tortured me when the word got out that I was officially a Tweeter, so having a blog would give them endless reasons to make fun of me and #2 I never knew what to blog about. I have 100 handfuls of interests so I guess I thought a blog about all of that would be one big, gigantic mess of randomness. Well, now here I am, with a blog called The Social Media-lite with my insights to the advertising, social media and design worlds.  My goal for my blog is to create a learning experience for both myself and my readers.