Slideshare What…?

Of course it’s no secret that Facebook and Twitter are today’s most popular social media tools available, but recently I have been trying to tap into other social media outlets. This past year I was doing some research on Starbucks branding for my media planning class when I came across a slideshow.  I figured why not check it out.  The slideshow took me to the popular powerpoint presentation/slideshow site, Slideshare.  After poking around the site for a bit I quickly discovered that Slideshare is a social media site that allows users to upload content, bookmark, tag and comment on slideshows. To create added value for the Slideshare community, users can also join groups, download slideshows and link to slideshows on their blog or website.  I think the option to link to the slideshows via blog, facebook or twitter makes this social media tool all the more powerful.  With the ability to do so it not only provides people with content for their blogs/websites, but is a marketing opportunity for the person who uploaded the slideshow. If you post a slideshow and it gets picked up by some employee at a company or even a popular bloggers and is linked back to you, that’s traffic to your slideshow and in turn marketing your name.  There is also a place to post slidshare presentations on Linkedin…what better way to showcase your ideas and skills to the professional world. Being an active memeber of the Slideshare community by commenting, favoriting and joining groups boots your slideshows visabiltiy and backlinks.  With that being said, slideshare is a social media tool that many people probably haven’t thought about tapping into. The benefits and visability are widespread and go beyond just the Slideshare site itself.  I don’t have an account yet, but my summer goal is to take the many presentations I had to make through various advertising classes at MSU and internships and get them onto Slideshare for the World to see!

One of my favorite slideshare presentations is Good vs. Great Design…it’s amazing


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