Social Media Policies Creating “One Voice”

Ever since the introduction of social media just a few years ago, the market has expanded into today’s “it” way to communicate and advertise brands. With a presence in nearly every industry, amongst today’s most popular, influential and growing brands social media has literally taken hold of the digital world, from blogging to youtube. With social media moving from a new form of communication to the mainstream, companies need a way to regulate what is being said and written about their brand in order to keep their image in-tact. When a company uses social media vehicles, they now need to keep track of facebook comments, tweets, youtube videos, bloggs, photos and so much more. This is where a good social media policy needs to be implemented. From the reading I did on social media policies, I learned that the idea behind social media policies is to create a uniform way for the brand to strenghten their brand and their connections with consumer and key influencers…baiscally implementing the “one voice among all” concept.  Here’s how I look at it…markets are conversations of a brand and as the markets grow, more people are talking and more information is being passed along through more and more communication outlets (social media). Companies, upon realizing this (which hopefully they do) need to now join in the conversation and communicate directly with their markets…if they don’t their brand will eventually be smoothered by brands who are taking part in the social media trends. Chris Brogan, provided some great insight about how a marketer needs to build relationships in order to be successful in social  media. 

And lastly, in order for the brand to communicate effectively to their market, they need a policy that defines how to do so.

I think Kodak is a really good example of a company with an effective and well defined social media policy.

Their policy is based around protecting the brand, two way communication between the brand and the customer, and understanding what is written and why.  Their policy stresses the concept of “one voice” in order to better cater to consumers needs and the overall value of their brand name. I read through the entire policy and I think they offer alot of opportunity to write, tweet, blog about whatever you want as long as you follow their guidelines.  I think too strict of guidelines will turn people away from blogging, tweeting, facebooking etc about the brand. Their policy even provides social media tips that I even took away as great advice. I think their advice on “keeping your cool” is an excellent example of how to appropriately address a negative comment about your brand…the bottom line is that you don’t want to call out a customer so sometimes it’s best to just ignore the comment and not acknowledge it with a response.

Companies that want to grow and keep up with today’s latest advertising trends, need to get on board the social media train and implement a policy to guide the company on how to do so…if they fail to do so they will be left behind in the dust and miss out on thousands of opportunites and the potential to reach thousands of customers.


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