Starbucks…Tweeted Every 23 Seconds!

The other day I heard the term social monitoring and while being a social media junkie I was shocked that I didn’t know much about this tool.  Time to do a bit of research (thank God for Google). After reading an article about Twitter Places, which I wrote in a previous post this month, I decided I wanted to pick a popular brand to monitor and aid in my learning more about this so called “social monitoring” concept by following the brand via Twitter Places– location check in’s and tweets about the brand. Although Starbucks is obviously a very talked about brand and covered by nearly every social media tool available today, I was curious to see a more in depth analysis covering how much it was actually tweeted about beyond my assumptions.  Starbucks is a brand that jumped on the social media train early on and continues to be one of the first brands to tap into new and innovative social media vehicles. From facebook fan pages to blogs, and even Foursquare capabilities, Starbucks is dominating the social media world. I utilized HootSuite, Social Mention, Google Alerts, and Monitter to track my results. Hootsuite and Monitter showed that alot of people were simply Tweeting that they were on their way to Starbucks to hang out with friends, had been to starbucks already, or were itching to get their hands on an Iced Coffee on this hot summer day.

HootSuite Starbucks Image by Jessica Wernette via Hootsuite Snapshot

As I watched Monitter, it was constantly updating itself with recent tweets or mentions of Starbucks. I didn’t realize just how much people were constantly Tweeting about the brand. No wonder Starbucks is one of today’s largest and most successful brands worldwide. I set up Google Alerts for a 5 day span to send me mentions of Starbucks and the results showed a overwhelming amount of mentions on blogs and in the news daily. Even though I am specifically monitoring Tweets about the brand, it was still impressive to see how much Starbucks makes the news and people’s personal and business related blogs. Social Mention was probably the monitoring site that provided the most information that I could break down specifically to Tweets about the brand. This site allowed me to look at how many people were using Twitter Places to tweet about the Starbucks branch they were at. The post rate for mentions of Starbucks was about 23 seconds meaning that every 23 seconds, someone was mentioning the Starbucks brand somehow using social media. WOW! I filtered the site to show me just the last hour’s results and just on the first page there were 5 Twitter Places tweets about a specific Starbucks location and 7 retweets of those check-ins. I also looked closly at the @username tags people were tweeting about and I found that the @Starbucks tag was hands down the most popular, linking Tweeters back to the Starbucks Official Twitter Page. This is drawing in enormous and consistant traffic to the brand’s twitter page, which can then link users to the other media vehicles Starbucks utilizes.

Conclusion: It was really cool to see the behind the scenes of social media all in one place. I was sitting here watching people tweet about Starbucks as it happened. I knew the brand would definitely have a lot of mentions, but I never thought it was occur at a rate of less than 30 seconds between Tweets.


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