What’s New In New Media: Twitter Places

Twitter Places is a new moblie application that provides huge opportunities for geo-location space and the location-sharing movement.  With this application, Tweeters are presented with the ability to attach a location to each and every tweet. The growing popularity of Twitter Places has the potential to turn location sharing into a mainstream mobile behavior and provide great opportunities for marketers to tap into location based advertising.  Location sharing allows users to broadcast where they are which is a prime breakout moment for Twitter and communication capabilities. Places adds value to the context of the tweets, meaning that the context can be localized through tweeting the location and in turn publicize the location creating a marketing opportunity and a surge of interest.  With the Places application, Twitter has a greater opportunity to serve up targeted ads in the form of Promoted Tweets. With the potential for ads to appear atop the Places tweet stream, users are engaged with specific messages about a location. This is beneficial for brands such as Starbucks, who jumped on the Twitter Places movement early on.  Starbucks can track Places tweets and provide tweeters with location specific promotion or messages.

I think mobile advertising is one of the new media vehicles that marketers should seriosuly consider tapping into. As seen through the success of the Twitter Places application, location tracking via mobile marketing has huge potential for reaching a location specific audience.

Tiwtter Places


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