Google Tools: Dominating Online Advertising

Google has done it again! At the forefront of social media and marketing, Google launched its Google for Advertisers site.  This addition to the search engine giant is all about providing information for advertisers. The site is broken down into basically 4 main platforms.

1. The ability to read up on various media platforms such as search, TV, content network, or mobile. This teaches advertisers how to reach their target in the most relevant and effective way through different devices.

2. The Marketing Cycle shows advertisers how to combine strategy, creative, media and optimization to deliver a strong campaign

3. Marketing Objective platform brings together all the different Google tools to solve your marketing goal

4. The Personal Toolkit allows you to add all the interesting Google tools you stumble upon and add them to a “toolkit” that you can share with others and use as you build your campaign.

I spent a lot of time checking out the Creative tools available through the site. One of the tools available is called the Double Click Studio which gives you all the Flash based tools you need to build appealing media ads and manage campaign workflow. Double click is packed with a wide range of formating, features, and cutting edge video capability, saving you time while creating big ideas. This week’s featured creative is by Sony Pictures.

I also spent some time browsing around the Insights section since I had never heard of this before it especially grabbed my interest. Insights is all about learning how to use web search trends to receive feedback from customers and keep track of competition.  Insights for Search is one tool I played around with for a bit. With all the recent news surrounding Lebron James, I decided to put Insights for Search to the test with LeBron James as my keyword. I was shocked to find that on a regional interest level the Phillippines held the top spot, and US follwed in third. His name was most searches obviously in the sports and entertainment categoy. The most searched term in this category, shown on a graph and at their highest peaks to date, were “Lebron James NBA” and over the past few weeks the worldwide top rising searches were “LeBron James picks Miami” followed by simply “LeBron James.”

I also read up on some of the Media tools available that help create web content in order to reach the right people at exaclty the right time. Included in the media tools are Google Product Search which helps drive internet traffic to your site, gadgets capabilities to create interactive based social content and the ability to create customized google maps.

Finally, I took a quick look at Optimization, a series of tools to help the advertiser focus on the user and generate geater profits. From Google Analytics, to YouTube Insight, the Optimization panal offers all the tools needed to create the most effective campaign strategy.

Overall, Google for Advertisers is an excellent marketing resource equip with a wide variety of tools for marketers to create, execute, and maintain the best possible internet campaign possible. For the marketer seeking to take a deeper look into how internet users operate and search through google, this site proves to be invaluable and rich with opportunities and benefits

. Google for Advertisers

Image by Jessica Wernette’s Snapshot


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