Hit a Homerun with Online Video Marketing

It is no secret that viewing online videos has been a constant trend espeically with the creation of today’s most dominant online video host YouTube. Whether its watching silly videos of that turkey on a snowboard, or re-watching clips from last night’s MSU basketball win, people are watching online video daily, in fact for some it has even become an obsession (I’m one of the obesessed ones). With the ongoing popularity on online videos it is no surprise that social media and marketing efforts have snuck into the online video world. I mean why not? Millions of people are on YouTube, Vimeo, and UStream as I am writing this, so if a brand wanted to turn to online video to market themselves they have just as much potential to reach thousands of users just like that video of the turkey on a snowboard.

Valentina Trevino, a young artist from Chicago, is largely responsible for and at the forefront of online video marketing. With almost 50,000 subscribers to date, Val has created her very onw YouTube channel, Val’s Art Diary, to market her artwork which she sells on ebay and on her very own website. Her innovative approach to marketing herself and utilizing social media gained her recognition on The Wall Street Journal and USA Today. Val creates weekly videos where she tells stories or discusses a topic, about her love for art or the secret ingredient in her tea, and ends the video with a brief summary about her latest piece of artwork. She lets her personality show through a balanced mix of colorful banter and comedy. Her videos average about 30,000 views each and have attributed to the ongoing success of sales of her artwork. Another success factor that I think is important to point out, as I found watching her videos, is that she does a really good job of involving her viewers. For example, in one video she mentioned a facebook contest that was coming on via her facebook page and offered a brand new Ipod Touch to the winner. What a great way to draw people in.

With the enormous online presence that most companies have today, it is important to set yourself apart from others; make yourself unique and interesting in some way. I think with the dominance that online video has in the social media realm, utilizing online video to market yourself or your brand is a creative approach to standing out. Video Marketing is a booming method for attracting customers, relaying information, creating a buzz about your brand and ensuring a high pass along rate. Video has the ability to catch the consumers eye, draw them into viewing, hold their attention and create the curiousity. When I was viewing Val’s videos, at the same time I was on her website checking out her work because I was curious to learn more. Video marketing has the power to increase brand awareness due to the ability to view over and over, as well as increase favorability, message association, and intent to purchase. I think video marketing creates emotion in the viewer, emotional or motivational, and calling them to take further action. Overall, I think video marketing could someday be more successful then print ads because it’s always more effective to see the human interaction then a bunch or words on paper. I think alot of brands could benefit from online videos and one way could be through consumer testimonials of a product or service. Seeing a positive interaction with a brand from someone like yourself is more effective then telling. The testimonals could take on a funny or serious manner and have the potential to be highly creative.

Finally, I think UStream is a really cool concept that individuals or brands should consider tapping into. UStream is a live streaming video host. Personally, I think it is more entertaining and personable to see a video in its raw form…it makes everything seem a little more human and relatable.

Do I think online video is a good idea? YES, and I think it has great potential to becoming the new trend in online marketing.

Here’s a video I found that helped explain the benefits of online video and how to get started.


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