For my MSU Social Media Drivers License class I was tasked with designing a mock online Google Adwords Campaign.

As the largest university-based credit union in the world and the leading banking institution for MSU students, it is important for you, the MSU Federal Credit Union, to utilize the most effective and cost efficient means of advertising to reach your diverse and rapidly growing member base.

Over the past few years there has been a consistent and rapid growth in the use of online advertising, contributing to some of the most successful and well known campaigns to date. With the ability to provide a cost effective, maximum exposure campaign, with a variety of advertising approaches and the ability to target a specific audience, online advertising is an effective approach in reaching the Spartan community.

THE MSUFCU SERVICE: You have been successfully serving the MSU community since 1937, with a membership base of over 153,000 today. From loans to free checking accounts, and credit card options, MSFCU is continuously dedicate to providing quality service to help members make the most of their college experience and beyond.

YOUR TARGET: The majority of your target lies in current MSU students, ages 18-22, followed by incoming freshman and MSU graduates/alumni.  It is important to heavily target the prospective MSU and incoming students, as they have the potential to provide the majority of your yearly growth. The ease and ability to access and monitor their money is a powerful contributing factor in making that final college decision. Targeting recent graduates is important as well. As many look to move away from the East Lansing college scene, they need to be reminded that MSUFCU is there to continue helping them on their journey into the real world. Keeping in mind that much of your target consists of college students, the campaign will be more successful if information is presented in a way that they can relate to by minimizing lengthy jargon.

It is also important to realize the potential disadvantage you could face: A percent of students coming into MSU have banking accounts back at home with branches available to them in the East Lansing area. Although you are the number one bank in East Lansing, you are still competing against those banks with a loyal follower base of students who intend to keep the same banking institution as they had back home. Your online campaign will need to stand out and draw in this percent of incoming students by showing them how MSUFCU is the better, more convenient choice for them.

YOUR CAMPAIGN APPROACH: Google Adwords is an online approach that could greatly bnefit your online presence as it would increase traffic to your website, therefore increasing traffic to your site and resulting in increased membership.

Google Adwords is a Google marketing tool that marketers and advertisers utilie to launch their product or service intot he online public sphere.  Google Adwords is pay per click based meaning you only pay when a customer visits your website, making the tool cost efficient. Adwords has the ability to deliver the most relevant content for your brand in minimum time and will even reward you for the most relevant ad for any search term.

YOUR KEYWORDS: The following keywords were chosen for MSUFCU’s Online Adword Campaign based on results from the Google Search-based Keywords Tool and Google Insights. Selection was based on the best and most searched keywords to match your industry.

1. Student Bank Accounts  2. Best student bank account  3. MSUFCU Login  4. MSUFCU  5. Federal Credit Union in       Michigan


Target: Current MSU Students

1. MSUFCU…helping you live like a Spartan

2. Combining your Spartan spirit and all your banking needs. Go Green. Go White. Go MSUFCU

Target: Potential MSU Students

1. Your Spartan journey begins with the MSU Credit Union. Learn more now!

2. Choosing MSU was a no brainer. Choosing a student bank should be too. Join MSUFCU today. The Choice is simple

Target: MSU Alumni

1. A Spratan for life. MSUFCU for life. Discover our Alumni options

2. From eager freshman to Corporate VP, MSUFCU is with you all the way.


Your Google Adwords campaign will be easy to manage and track results. You will be provided with a user friendly marketing management system that measures based on number of visits, cost per visitor, and cost per campaign. Finally, traditional advertising can take week to get a campaign up and running, but with Google Adwords your campaign is produced and running in under an hour. Google Adwords will not only direct people immediately to your site, but will also put out ads on the side of the Google search engine results to direct people to their specific need of your service. Keeping all the benefits of Adwords in mind, it would be extremely beneficial for you to utilie this wonderful tool and reap the benefits of the results.


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