Google Launches SUPER Secure Login

This week, although it is only Tuesday, has proved to be a huge week for Google as they announced their new mobile login verification system

The new 2-Step Verification log in is currently aimed at Google Apps Premier (Gmail, Docs and Calendar) and Government/Education edition, hopefully to be available to all Google users in the near future. The goal is to address security issues with remote access, by making it as secure as on-site access.

2 step verification

How It Works?

Google users will user their login username/password (which they have and know) and a login verification code that will be sent to their mobile device through a SMS message or voice call. Users of the Android will also have the option to use a Google Authenticator application to generate a login verification code as well.

With the rapid growth of smartphone users and the ability for users to complete transactions online such as mobile banking and Ebay apps, it is becoming more necessary to implement better fraud detection capabilities for fixed line mobile computing. With this new verification process, Google, hopes to eliminate cloud computing fraud issues. (Cloud computing is what makes your information easily and readily available anywhere, on any device)


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