Tis the Season

With the Holiday’s right around the corner, advertisers have once again outdone themselves with quirky, comical, and even some down right ridiculous ads, but they all have one thing in common…that “WOW” “What the heck?” and “Where’s my purse I need to go buy that NOW!” factor. The point of advertising, especially during the holiday season, is to spark an interest in your product, get people to remember your brand through creative adverting and most importantly get people off their couches and into the stores purchasing your product RIGHT? Well these ad’s don’t fall short in sparking an interest and definitely aren’t easily forgettable. Here’s just a few of my favorites

HBO TRUE BLOOD-Comical and memorable…a classy spoof on one of today’s most popular TV series

Brand: HBO Videos
Agency: BBDO Worldwide

LG “SOMETHING’S LURCKING”–I think you’ll agree with me that LG just took vacuum commercials to a whole new level…in a good way. This commercial is an amazing combination of animation and suspense, right down to the music. The constant movement of the animation through the danger zone (portrayed as a family room) keeps viewers drawn in for the full :60 seconds. The spot is visually compelling even down to the treatment of what little text the commercial has, warning viewers to “Protect your family, from things that are lurking.”

Brand: LG Home Appliances
Agency: Young & Rubicam New York

TARGET HOLIDAY SERIES–Yes the portrayal  of the nut-job of a holiday housewife, Maria Bamford, may be perceived as a bit “out there” but it’s still grabbing your attention and more importantly keeping it.  I must admit she slightly frightens me, but that’s what’s so great about this campaign. We all have that Maria Bamford in our lives who’s absolutely obsessed with the holiday’s and tends to get even a bit looney during the season. People either really love or really hate the new Target commercials, but either way People are talking about them…great PR for Target




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